autistic country girl

My Autistic Life … my journey each day | Life is like a blog, everyday you write a new story

Just a little note on this Tuesday

Never let your disorder take over your life

Love, Lucy xx


6 reacties op ‘Autistic …

  1. Toortsie schreef:

    I have an autistic nephew. Xxx

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    1. WoW ! Hope he’s having a happy life ! 🙂

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      1. Toortsie schreef:

        He is six years oldand I think, he us a very happy boy. His mother really tries to help him to the best. We live in a small town in South Africa and his mother has started a school for autim in our town.
        Please check on Facebook the DS de Wet School for autism. I’ll give you the link right now.


      2. Toortsie schreef:

        Please follow the link to the video as well. I am in it! 😁 It is in Afrikaans, but I am sure that you’ll understand it.


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