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Finding a way to get this pain to end

It’s a short blogmas today … Any guess Why? Oh Yess ! I’m having terrible pain again

Today I had a long workday because the PRE christmas sale started in out store. Long day of putting discount tags to the boxes. After all I had a great day.


I came home! At work I got a little headache the last hour I had to work.

Around 7pm I came home from work, made me a healthy spinach pizza (just a tortilla with tomatosauce, spinach and cheese in the oven).

Today’s goal, the one thing I had planned to do after work … failed!

I wanted to draw a christmas Figment, but I just couldn’t!

I Only had 4 lines and the beginneling of the ears on my paper till my hands gave up. Not even 5 minutes of holding my pencil in my hands 😱 *crying*

Feels like I have to give up So many things

As the result of my autism I had to give up So many things. And now because of the pain in whole my body I have to give up drawning. This is soooooo bad!

New years list …

First thing on my new years list, things to do in 2018 Will be …

Finding Something to stop these pain. Finding a new doctor, going to the hospital, etc I don’t care ! This just have to stop ! I want to live a pain free life or a less painfull one !


Maybe you’ll think now ” who’s Figment?”

Well it’s the little dragon from Walt Disney World in Florida. A place I love and I just love this dragon.

Here he is…

Tomorrow I had a day of, but I have to go to work the whole day aswel. Guess I have to find Some sleep on thursday!

Love Lucy xx


2 reacties op ‘Blogmas 12 … first thing on my 2018 To Do list

  1. hmmmm spinach pizza sounds amazing! why have i never thought of doing that before?!

    katie. xx

    Liked by 1 persoon

    1. Here in Belgium you just can buy a spinach pizza in the freezer in the store. But for me, i like it when I can make my own pizza with a tortilla 🙂


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