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Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming

Everyone knows this iconic song from the Coca-Cola Christmas truck. The really cute Santa Claus on the truck, the lights when the truck drives in the dark. As a kid I really loved those Coca-Cola adds in wintertime.

I always wished to see this truck in real life, but I never had the chance to. All those events were so far away and always in the late evenings (on schooldays!).

Today I had a day of, and I was lucky that December 14, was the day that this Christmas truck had a stop in Leuven. Leuven is a city here in the area.

Like always this autistic girl was way to early there. So I had the time to take some pictures of the truck, and be the first in line for the Elfs treat and I had no line to meet Santa.

Here are some pictures of my great afternoon in Leuven.



Like a said it was a great day, meeting Santa and I got a carboard truck with 2 cans of Coca-Cola (a regular and a Zero).  Nice surprice for this Coca-Cola addict !


Have a magical Holiday week !

Love Lucy xx


4 gedachtes over “Blogmas 14 … Coca-Cola Christmas Truck

  1. Toortsie schreef:

    Ahhh, what a beautiful truck! What a beautiful day.

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    1. Thank you ! It was great !

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