Blogmas 18 … Christmas Cards

The time of year to write, write and write some more cards

These days it’s so easy to send a digital Christmas card. You go to a site, choose a card and a few minutes later that person have received your card.

For me it a total NOOOOO !

I absoluty don’t like this unpersonal way of sending a card with wishes to colleagues, friends. Please note that I don’t have such nice family to write a personal card to šŸ˜‰

Normally Christmas cards costs around 5-6 EUR for 10 pieces. This year I needed a lot of cards, so I would be around 20 EUR for some cards šŸ˜® Very Shocking !

Since a few weeks we have a low budget store kind of next to my workplace. Kinds kind of great to buy cheap stuff for christmas or DIY. Last week I was in theĀ ActionĀ (name of the Dutch store) and I found these really cute cards with puppies and kittens.

They were so cute and looked even better than the ones of 5 EUR I saw in store earlier. These cards were 0,69 EUR for 14 pieces ! Wow That’s a good price !

I make my cards some more personal with handlettering inside.

Here are my cards for this year to give to my colleagues, ex-colleagues, doctors and friends.

Christmas doens’t have to be that expensive and take a lot of your budget. In a store likeĀ ActionĀ orĀ The Dollar Store, you can find great stuff for christmas.

Real cards or digital cards?

Who else like to get some real cards? Or do you prefer some digital cards in your mailbox?

Love Lucy xx


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