Blogmas 20 … Christmas songs

No Christmas without singing Christmas songs

Everybody has that kind of song They can sing by heart when They here the first music.

I really like christmas songs a lot ! Christmas songs in a Country verspin are really a hit for me.

Songs like “all I want for christmas” are So good.


The songs I really adore this season are those from Lady Antebellum.

The whole album is my favorite music these days.

Really, in move with that music 😍

Oh i’m talking about the album “on this winters night”

Now it’s playing on my iPhone while Writing this blog on my phone. It’s So relaxing and taking away all the stress that is coming to me.

Writing this blogmas while waiting in Mechelen. Later today I have to work and this evening i’m be at the dentist (also listening to this album, to make me calm).

What’s your favorite?

So What about you? What’s your favorite christmas song this time of year?

Love Lucy xx m


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