Making choices … pink or cognac UGG boots ?

Making choices is So hard for this girl with autism. Mostly I know What I want for weeks, but when the moment is there to make it official …

I can’t make up my mind.

So for years I wanted Some pink UGG’s bug never could find the right color, the right type.

Now that I found the pink one that are Looking good … now I don’t know which one to buy 😦

Saved money to buy one pair but which one???

Guess the pink one have Some metallic pink at the ends and I Guess I’m going to hate that after a few weeks.

The cognac ones are a kids size 34 (I have a size 38 normal) bug the size is good. Big surprise!

Buying those UGG boots to wear ONLY inside my new house, So They Will be hopefully last a few years.

What do you think? The pink ones or the more everyday look of the cognac ones ??

The pink ones Will cost me 140 euro and the cognac ones Will cost me 112 euro (both with a discount from my work in the shoestore)

Advice please!

Love Lucy xx


6 gedachtes over “Making choices … pink or cognac UGG boots ?

  1. Lola zegt:

    The pink are cute and have a “house slipper” kind of look to them, so if it’s only going to be an “inside” shoe, they’d be okay. But eh, not sure they’d be worth the extra Euros. 🙂 Save! or spend them on something else you’d like. You won’t be wearing them come April.

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