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Yesterday was my day of the year … my birthday. I guess when you have passed the 30 line you’re not that excited to celebrate it.

So yesterday was a quiet day for me, just a relaxing day at home. I’ve made a quick visit to spoul my colleagues at work with some healthy snacks and candy.

The rest of the day was just ME time 🙂


After eating not well (not healthy) during the holiday season, I had a terrible day yesterday 😉 Just eating so much snacks and unhealthy things again.

But hey, starting a new year resolution on January 1st and have a birthday 3 weeks later is not a good combination.

Like always I start my new years resolutions on February 1st. So much easier to stay focus on the things you want and need in your life according to your list you’ve made.

First thing on my list is … eating healthier and eating Smat by Niomi Smart her book. A new step of eating vegan or almost vegan.

Other new year resolutions I also talked about them a few blogs ago.

So I’m making 2018 MY year & it’s all starting February 1st !

Love Lucy xx


6 thoughts on “A year older … happy birthday to me

  1. A ♡ schreef:

    Happy belated birthday 💜 xx

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  2. Happy birthday Lucy!! I hope you reach all the goals you set for yourself this year! Thank you for the follow too. I’m eager to find out more about how you experience the world. I’m not diagnosed as autistic or anything but I have a lot of ‘issues’ of my own that make me wonder if I’m more than just an extreme introvert. I have so many problems with the world and people and it’s only getting worse with age :-). I hope you did enjoy your special day a little bit and your cats gave you joy and cuddles!

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    1. Hello, same here. I feel like my life is getting harder each year :/
      Thank you for the birthday wish !

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      1. At least you’re social, I’m turning into a recluse 🙂


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