Fall at Bobbejaanland

It’s no surprise that I like amusentparks. I really have a big love for Walt Disney World in Florida, and Disneyland Paris.
Here in Belgium the park Bobbejaanland is still my favorite.

Visiting such parks in fall is so much prettier than in summer or high season.

October visit to Bobbejaanland

I planned 6 october to go back to Bobbejaanland as it was the last day I could use the voucher I still had for revisiting the park.
Last time we went was in high season so we (my family) kind of had to run away from the park because of me.

Too hot, too much people everywhere, so really that nice. That day we bought a ticket to come for another visit this season and the last weekend was today. Buying a returning ticket only costs 6 EUR, so a very nice gift from Bobbejaanland !

In September I ask my doctor for a little note to skip the waiting lines. Waiting in line with a lot of noice, a lot of people to close to me, dark waiting lines, etc … I get a headache and always have to leave the waiting line after less than 10 min.

With that note I got a red bracelet at the entrance infodesk, my brother got a black one to always be my assistent and my parents got a golden. They don’t had to go in, but they could if they wanted.


(this was taken when we left at 3PM)

I could visit each attraction by going through the exit line. So less stressfull. Every employee was so nice and sweet today. I really felt like home.
We had a great few hours and could do everything we wanted to do last time but I was too Grumpy that day.

No stress, no Grumpy feeling all day. Here are some pictures of today, more you can find on my Instagram @autistccountry (please check it out).

Still feeling sick and recovering form a huge cold, I had enough around 2PM. Around 3 hours spend in the park, taking fall pictures my head was exploding. So much headache again from just walking.

I really needed that day out in the fresh air, but with all the medication I was very tired.

Before going home we had a quick stop to Mc Donalds where I ate a nice Bacon & cheese salad and a normal hamburger. Not that healthy, but still good and now I have to pass Mc. Donalds visits and try to keep it all natural and healthy.


Thank you Bobbejaanland for your great way of treating people with a ‘non visible handicap’ that great so every one can have a great day. Other park could learn form you!

It felt great to do something with the family without getting all the frustration from everything. I really enjoyed my day.

Next year, I don’t plan to go on vacation, so I’ll be back for some more visits !




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