Instagram & life update

As you might have seen … I’m not spending much time here lately. Last post was from a trip in October.

On the days I plan to work here on my blog, I’m actually in bed with so much fibromyalgia pain. It’s so horrible, but I’m trying to keep things up on my  Instragram page


Posting some updates there give me a reason to get out of bed and do stuf. Wear some nice clothes and shoes and not staying in sweatpants all day.

Like today … i worked the whole day and now I’m here in bed with my laptop writing a small update. I have so much back pain, like every muscle in my body hearts. It was an exhausting day, because of all the boxes that had to be labbeled for the sales (which has start today).


For the rest of this year I don’t have any plans left besides working a lot, going to an art class which i missed yesterday because of the pain. I still have to decorated my christmastree. I have a fake tree, it’s all standing but without decoration because it takes so much energy.

I don’t have plans for the holiday’s, as I’m not that person who really loves party with the family. I’m always turning into Grumpy on those days.

On those days you can call me ‘SCROOGE’ like I will say ‘BAH HUMBUG’ a few times.


Please don’t take it personally, I just don’t like all the forced happiness, the forced party at New Years Eve, the Christmas markets BUT I do love Santa, Reindeers, snow, Christmas movies.

Well, if you want to see more on how I survive the upcoming weeks … please check out my Instagram page for all the updates !

Many Regards,




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