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A lot is going on the last past days/weeks, which comes with a lot of stress, a lot of scary moments. Later more about that. BUT there’s also some good news. I GOT THE KEYS OF MY NEW HOME So yesterday was the last day the builders had access to my house to replace things …

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Well, it’s quite shocking for me to see that me last update on my blog was on February 19. It were some very hard 4 weeks to handle everything that was happening in my life … thinking about ‘my autistic life’.  Here’s some more details about what happened and what is still going on with me …

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As you might know from previous blogs, I’m almost moving out here. Time for a new place. A new place, with all white walls? Euhm ‘white’ walls ? Something that I really hate as a fashionlover, shoelover and just a lifestyleblogger. I just can’t imagine how I can live in a house with all white …

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As my birthday is a few weeks behind me, it’s time to start to work on my newyear resolutions I made for this year. Starting before my birthday is a NO for me because I’ll give so easy with all the threats and snacks. So now it’s FEBRUARY, oh yess already February. I can’t hardly …

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Yesterday was my day of the year … my birthday. I guess when you have passed the 30 line you’re not that excited to celebrate it. So yesterday was a quiet day for me, just a relaxing day at home. I’ve made a quick visit to spoul my colleagues at work with some healthy snacks …

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Many years I could resist the trend of Vans, and not buying there Old Skool sneakers. I just was so in love with them, but everytime I said ‘no’ to myself. I own a pair of old leopard Vans and they were just not fitting correct. So after walking around for an hour they hurted. …

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Time to post the story of my life right now. Most of you will think ” working 6 days, what’s the problem?’. Well, for me it became a big problem over the years. Worklife Monday I worked the last day of a period of long workdays, following each other. Here was my shedule for the …

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I just can’t believe this … it’s already January 4th. Where did the last 4 days go? It’s going so fast again. *so shocking* A year full of changes If I have to discripe my year 2017 with ONLY one word, it will be … CHANGES ! As a girl on the autistic spectrum, I …

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Guess most girls like me, have to admit … WE LOVE SHOPPING So YESS me to! Fashion & clothes are just my life, and when I can give people advice on what to wear or what to buy … it just makes me so happy ! I have some stores where that I (as an …

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Well, new year … new resolutions to make for the upcoming months. Most of the years I don’t make a New Years Resolutions list, because I know that I will not follow it. Last year my life changed so hard, that I wanted  such a list for 2018 ! A thing that’s not on my …

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