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Sorry, so sorry that I couldn’t write my yesterday’s blog ! It was a long workday (sold a lot of shoes) and I had (still have) a very terrible toothache.  What will I watch the upcoming week? Most of you bloggers are having a top 10 with favorite things to watch this christmas season.  I …

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” I’m 32 years old but most of the time I feel like 82! “ Okay, this was the quote for today ! Such a painfull day, so much pain again! Goodmorning! I woke up this morning at 8am, but I couldn’t get out of my bed. It needed more time, like always, but today …

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A little quote to end this evening… please never forget ! Even if you are vegan, trying to be vegan like me, or Eating meat … never forget those who work every day for all the things you can eat ! #farmersdaughter #farmers I post this after Reading a post on Facebook, where they are …

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Indeed the day after the big pary ! I wished I could spend it at my job, but I had a day off. So what have I been up to, the day after a long day for an autism girl??? I had sooooo much pain and had no energy Morning Arriving around 1.30 am this …

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Yesterday was a pretty bizzy day, and was back home well it was today. This is how my day was and what I wore that evening. Workday My day started with a workday at 9.15 am till 5pm. Not a long workday like every other Saturday but that was good. It was a bizzy day …

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Sorry i can’t post today’s blogmas because i’m going to a party at work! This girl need her time to do make-up and put on my outfit for tonight. Outfit for tonight: Pink tutu Black shirt Black Dr.martens mono Black fake leather jacket And cat ears I’ll post Some pictures later! Have a Nice evening! …

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Wow, it’s already December 8th 😮 I just can’t believe that tomorrow is our party at work! Grocery shopping Today I had another day of, so the time to do some grocery shopping at Lidl. Since we have a brand new store here in Boortmeerbeek, I really love to go there for grocery shopping. For …

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Normally I just would press the ‘order’ button on my favorite website to order new make-up products. As you might, know I’m now living on a budget after bills for my house are getting bigger that first was planned. I also need to ‘rob’ my Ikea store in a little while. Ikea, it was shocking …

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