Blogmas 2 … making a budget planner

December 2nd, 2017

A new month has started yesterday and so does this Blogmas. Well, as you might have seen on my Twitter or on my blog I kind of like clothes and shoes a lot. Besides that I’m curently building my own house here in Belgium (euhm people are doing it for me 😉 ).

With all the cost I have with moving in February I need a good plan for my upcoming budget.

Planning my budget with an app on my iPhone doesn’t work for me. I need something to hold to, something where I can draw on, somenthing that I really have in my hand.

For weeks now I have in mind of doing this but I always said “I’ll do that tomorrow”. Honestly that day ‘tomorrow’ never came. *shame on me*

Today is the day !

Now it’s the time to start working on a budgetplanner that really works for me. You may not like the lay-out of my plan, but I guess that this will work for me.

Time for a pink notebook, because I just adore pink 😉


After a long day at work and feeling really tired I found the energy to make me a budgetplanner.

Here are some pictures of how I’m making my budgetplanner. At this moment it’s not finished yet, but the idea is on paper and I can work with it.

After creating a lay-out I started to fill in all the money I earn each month and all my expenses on the other side of the paper.

Most monthly expenses I know like the money I have to pay for my house, the gas, the electricity, my monthly appointment with my psychiatrist and psychologist (which I need) and medication.

What’s left I need to buy other bills, pay for food, pay for catfood (and cattoys), and clothes/shoes. So many budget is not left.

I work a parttime job now because of my autism I can’t work a fulltime job at this moment (and maybe never again). So I lost quite a big amount of money every month buy working parttime and doing a job as a shoeseller insteat of an accountant.

Living on my own will be a big step, but it will be a lot of counting my money and making budget for things I want to buy. Insteat of just buying what I like whenever I want/need it.

It’s so hard living in Belgium with an disorder that makes you only work a partime job and not having an extra support. I’ve tried a fulltime job for  years but I was always so sick because of all the stress and the public transport to work. Now I have a job close to me, which I like very much … AND I can talk about shoes every minute of my workday. I’m not a prisoner of my job anymore. Besides I feel great, my future life will be on a budget.

Payday is on monday and then the counting will start. I have some great tips received when I was asking for help for spending less money.

Leaving my cards at home, only paying with cash, and writing everything down.

But it’s Christmas soon?

Christmas in my family will be a sad period so we will not spending a lot of money (it will be the first Christmas without my grandma). As we will not give presents to a lot of family, I will give myself a little present. Something that will get me through the Holiday weeks.

So this Christmas I will only spend 96 EUR for a pair of boots I wanted since summer. They are priced 120 EUR in store but I have a discount as a member of the team.

Boots met Studs Zwart Bullboxer

Maybe you should think, ‘why not saving those 96 EUR insteat of buying boots’? But that’s the autistic me that is talking of taking the boots because I really wanted them for months now. I’ve been brave over the weeks/months and not bought them the first time I saw them online.


I always find good shoes/boots in fall or winter season. When it’s spring or summer I can only wear my Converse All Stars or Vans. Shoes like sandals are horrible for this autistic girl.

Birthday is coming tooooo

Oh yess my birthday is coming in January, the month before I’m going to move to my new house. For my birthday I already know what I want … new UGG mini boots (in pink) for in my new house. My stairway will not be finished when I’m going to move, so I need some good comfy shoes for in the house.

I really wanted these for a few weeks now, so that will be a hudge thing in my budgetplanner for next month. Still hoping for a few EUR for NewYear (we give presents on NewYears day too). Oh and with a discount from work, it will not be that shocking !

These are the ones …

More tips?

Do you have more tips about using a budgetplanner that works? Or do you have a picture of a great budgetplanner (on paper) that you use?

Please no negative reactions about saving the money for the shoes for something else. Having autism is hard if your plans (things you want for a long time) are not coming true.

Thanks!  Love Lucy xx


Blogmas 1 … Perfect weather for a hot chocolate milk

The last countdown to Christmas is here, it’s December 1st! I can’t believe how fast the past weeks went by.
First time I try this but I really love the idea of writing a blog everyday of the month.


Well, let’s start with the first BLOGMAS of this year !


December 1, 2017

Yesterday we had the first snow here in Belgium. I was really surprised by the amount of snow that fell in the afternoon while I was at work. I really love the snow, watching it fall down makes me happy.

When I see snow, I instant think … HOT CHOCOLATE !

Oh yeah, this autism girl really has a big love for chocolate milk. Every morning I drink  a glass of Oatly chocolate milk. I just can’t start my day without chocolate milk.

For my hot chocolate I’m a big fan of the Nesquik powder to put in my hot milk (most of the time hot Oatly milk).


Last year I bought this little box for my hot chocolate in March, I guess. In this box I had some leftover because the weather started to be very good here, way too good for drinking a hot chocolate milk.

This year I bought the ‘dark chocolate’ version of Nesquik to give it a try. This one…


But honestly I didn’t like this powder. The taste is a bit strange and it doesn’t taste like my normal chocolate milk. Yess, here we go. This is a very negative thing about having autism. If it doens’t taste like i’m used to, than it’s a NOOOO.

Normal people with autism doesn’t like to try new things, but I do. I can change the brand of a product I used to or in this case try the other product of the chocolate powder. Honesty, most time I don’t like the change and I’m back to the brand/product I’m using for ages now.

Yesterday I was in the Lidl store here in my area. That dark chocolate powder of Nesquik was not good for me. So I needed another powder because I really wanted a hot chocolate milk.

In that Lidl store I found this chocolate powder, so I bought it. (the monkey took my attention, I have to admit)


Tonight I’ve giving this powder a try by making me a hot chocolate milk with some hot Oatly oat milk.


OMGosh this was soooooo good. It was like drinking a nice glass of Oatly chocolate milk but than a hot milk.


It’s such a good powder for chocolate milk. Oh yummie yummie.

One thing is clear now … from now I will always buy this powder insteat of the all know Nesquik. I’m getting a Lidl fan here, since we have a brand new store.

So wasting by trying stuff I’m not like?

Well, no I’m not wasting the product if I don’t like. I give it to family who likes it of want it. Like this powder of Nesquik, I will make hot chocolate milk for when my family comes over (maybe it’s better with normal milk for me).

If I buy another brand of cookies, muesli, etc and I don’t like it … well some animals here at home are happy with it.

At this moment, I think I’m giving some other products from Lidl (#lidl Belgium) a try. I will be good for when I’m moving in February. Now I have to go to a few stores to find the products I need. It will be so good to just have to go to one store and a store for catfood.

Going to a supermarket is so stressfull for me. I always have to take an extra piece of medication before I go and I have to take something for my headache when I get home.

Less stress, hopefully less pain and a better life with autism.

And you?

What’s your favorite brand to make a hot chocolate milk?


Do you guys have a Lidl supermarket near you? What are some other products that are worth trying?

Blogmas … till tomorrow!

I hope you all like my first blogpost of Blogmas this year. Please like if you liked it and please RT my blog on Twitter and Bloglovin.
Thank you !

Tomorrow I have to work the whole day because we have a sale in the store, specially for ‘Sinterklaas‘. The 6th of December is a Childerns day when they get a lot of present and chocolate. More about that later, first I have to survive my workday with a lot of pain. Hope it will be a good day.

Thanks for reading !

Love Lucy xx

It’s just a party … don’t freak out !

English below


It’s just a party so don’t freak out like this !

Als je mijn Twitter of Instagram hebt gevolgd, heb je het allicht gemerkt dat ik zo ontzettend hard aan het stressen was. Het leek wel of ik paniek geslagen was.

Paniek ? Oh ja, het was eerder paniek en een aanval van pure stress.

Begin december heb ik op het werk mijn eerste personeelsfeest. Een feest met al de collega’s van over gans Vlaanderen. Mijn contract loopt eind maart af, dus ergens heb ik iets van ‘dit kan ook mijn laatste feestje daar zijn’. Dat licht dus echt aan de basis dat deze aspie zo in de paniek geschoten is.

Op zo’n moment vind ik mijn autisme dus echt een ontzettend nadeel! Iedereen kijkt er zo hard naar uit. Ik heb er gewoon pure stress van. Het is nu half november, nog een 3-tal weken te gaan voor het feest. Iedereen is zo kalm, weet perfect wat ze gaan dragen op het feest.

Ik had een beeld van outfit dat ik al lang eens wilde dragen, namelijk een roze tutu. Zo’n lange roze tutu, zwart oversized shirtje en leren jasje. Dan kwam natuurlijk de stress van SCHOENEN ! Werken in een winkel met duizenden schoenen, en dan nog niets hebben om aan te doen.

Euhm wat? De afgelopen maanden heb ik veel te veel schoenen gekocht, en toch niets passend om bij die roze tutu te dragen. Mijn hoofd stond op zijn kop, kon nachten niet slapen. Gewoon niet kunnen slapen omwille van een paar schoenen. Beetje stom, hoor ik jullie nu denken. Inderdaad dat is ook zo, maar kan er niets aandoen.

Vandaag, mijn vrije dag, ben ik dus opnieuw naar mijn werk geweest omdat ik moest & zal vandaag mijn schoenen hebben voor onder die tutu. Anders zou ik toch geen oog dicht doen de komende dagen.

Et voila, hierbij mijn nieuwe Dr.Martens, Black mono. Perfect onder mijn tutu, gewoon basis zwart, zonder te veel details, en iets wat nog comfortabel is voor gans de avond/nacht op mijn voeten te staan op het feest.


Even mezelf wat RUST gegund de komende dagen, door vandaag deze te kopen. Zo hoop ik de komende dagen toch te kunnen slapen, en mijn gedachten weer elders te kunnen op vast houden. Nu was het steeds ‘schoenen, schoenen, schoenen’, morgen werken tussen de schoenen maar nu moet ik ze niet meer zoeken voor mezelf.

Hopelijk vinden jullie de combinatie ook zo geslaagd. Mijn collega’s vonden dit in ieder geval heel erg geslaagd.

Hoe de totale outfit er gaat uitzien, ga ik pas laten zien na het feest. Beetje zoals bij een huwelijk 🙂

Dank je voor het lezen ! Veel liefs, Lucy xx


It’s just a party so don’t freak out like this !

If you have followed my Twitter or Instagram the past days, you already have seen the whole thing about me finding some shoes. I was totally freaking out, it was more panic than stress.

Panic? Oh yeah, it was the panic the past few days. Now I had a perfect tutu to wear to the party but I couldn’t find the perfect shoes. I was just dying from all the stress that I had from not having the right boots/shoes for my outfit.

At the beginning of december I have my first party at work. A party with all my colleagues from the Belgium stores. I could be my first and last party because I’m not sure if I can stay there at my job after March. So yeah, this aspie was all panic.

At this moment I terrible hate my autism, so it’s all negative at the moment. Everyone is so excited for the party and doesn’t have the stress I had finding the clothes or shoes. Well, now it’s November 17, and the party is just in 3 weeks time, but everybody is so calm.

I had an idea of an outfit I wanted to wear that evening, the pink tutu. The long pink tutu was just perfect for this evening. Together with that I want to wear a oversized black t-shirt from Zara and a leather black jacket. Kind of the rock chick look with a pink tutu. But all the stress came from finding the right boots.

Working in a shoestore with thousands of shoes and not be able to find a pair of boots … that’s hurts. At home I have the perfect boots to wear but I bought them in Florida at Steve Madden so, I can’t wear them that evening.

Euhm What? These last month of working there I bought a lot of shoes, and yess I still haven’t got the perfect boots to wear with the pink tutu. My head was spinning, just couldn’t sleep for the past nights because I didn’t had the right shoes. Oh yeah that the life of having Autism. When you want something, you just can’t do a thing before you have it. 😥

Yess, it is so stupid. When you can’t sleep because of a pair of shoes.

Today was my day of, but i went to work today. Just to look at some dr.Martens Mono black boots. I just had to have boots today so I can sleep better the upcoming nights.

And here they are… my new dr.Martens black mono boots. They are just perfect under my pink tutu. Just basic black, no details, and just so comfy to wear all evening long at that party. Goodbye stress, I HAVE BOOTS !


Now I have some more rest for the next days, just by buying these today. I hope I can sleep the next days, turning my mind of and concentrate on something else dan boots. Now it was just ‘shoes, shoes, shoes’ all day long. Tomorrow it’s back to work, back to a store full of shoes. This time I can help others finding the right shoes, and not freak out about not having the right ones for me.

I hope you like the boots in this combination. My colleagues at work liked this combination very much. And I’m also very happy !

How I’m going to look with everything on … well you have to wait till December 11, till I post some other pictures. Stay tuned for that. Just like a marriage, you can see the dress the day 🙂

Thanks for reading this blogpost ! Love, Lucy xx



Enjoy life, it can be beautiful ❤