A day at our countryside – May 27, 2018

On Sunday May 27, I posted a lot of pictures through the day on my Instragram (@autisticcountrygirl).
I promised to write a whole blog about how I felt that day, with a little delay …
Here it is!
Hope you all enjoy some countrylife of Belgium.

Normally I have to work every Sunday so I can’t never plan a thing on doing with my family like going to some events, special occassions, shops, festivals … I made the descission of working the greatest job in the world so you know you have to miss most of those things.

Most of those things are crowded, tooo many people on the same place, to much noices, to loud music etc. So in one way it’s better to stay a day at work helping others having a great day off.

Strawberry festival

On May 27 I got a free Sunday, without asking for it. On that day we had an Strawberry event here in my local area. Moving out soon, so time to do something here.

It was more of an information event about local products than for the strawberry itself. At 3PM there was a ‘world record Milkshake drink’ but there weren’t that much people to hit the goal of 2000 people (they had like 1200 people drinking at the same time).

The milkshake itself was just horrible. They said it was made with local milk and with some fresh strawberries. YEAH right, totally not made with fresh strawberries but with a powder. As the shake was seedless and very light pink. And it was sooooooooo sugary.


Sooo Sorry ‘ONS’ but this was not REAL strawberry ! 

The event took place in my old school, so it was nice to see it again. They did a great job in making the place look nice for the public and for visitors. I remember, from beeing a kid, that it was always forbitten to step on the place where we went. Or just sit on the old iron ‘attraction’.

It’s look sooo old, but just looked like I remembered. So it was 20 years ago in such bad condition as now. Just for information, it wasn’t a new one when I went to school there 😉

Look for yourself, but for me it still have something of a horrormovie seeing it (remembering how it looked when it was dark in winter).

Here’s the park when we weren’t allowed to step one foot on it, but now it’s open for public every single day. So some changes were good, because it’s so beautiful and quiet walking there.

And here are some pictures of my old school, almost sad to say nothing changed in those 20 years (well 21)

And here are some pictures of the other part of the park where they put a smal farm with apple trees

The ‘strawberry’ event was more like a market with local products


Well, it’s not wrong with all those other local products … BUT … when this #aspiegirl hears ‘strawberry festival’ she wants an explotion with strawberries. And not just one thing to taste horrible milkshake and another one to buy plane fresh strawberries. But more like pastries with strawberries, desserts, art, … just things WITH STRAWBERRY included. 

After we saw the whole market, drunk are ‘milkshake’, visit the event inside about World War 1 … it was time for a little ride with some Belgium Work horses ‘Belgisch trekpaard’. 

Here are some pictures first … story will follow below


Our ‘taxi’ has arrived … 2 beautiful horses 

Here are some pictures I took during the trip through ouw countryside. The ride took me to places I never seen before, while I live here for 33 years. How is that possible? It was a shocking moment, but now I found some beautiful spots here to go on a bike trip or walk. 

Oh and off course, no long trip without RODNEY ATKINS


Most places have bords with ‘deer’ crossing the street. Here on the countryside we have them with COWS crossing the street. So strange to always remember the big city of Louvain is only 10 minutes away from that place 😮 (and Brussels only 25 mins) and still you are in the countryside with ‘cows crossing the streets’. 


So here’s the story about that trip. I was expecting a short trip around the school and in the close neighbourghood. Well I was sooooooo wrong !

We left with the horses around 15.45PM at the school and the trip will be around 1,5 hours to be back.

It was an extreemly hot day, and than 1,5 hours on the road with horses. Well, sometimes you have to do the things your family wants to do and follow them.

The trip took us to a close local brewery, we had the opportuinity to get off and visit it but I refused and stayed on. So everybody followed me. I was not in the mood to visit a brewery and taste that beer, as I don’t drink beer.

After the 5 minute stop, to change some passengers, we went back on the roads … with the horses. Poooooooor horses, so hot and doing such hard work.

Next stop was another visit to a local farm, a PORK farm. The place was a place we knew so we didn’t went outside in the heat and risking not having a place back to the school. The stop took more than 20 minutes as the horses needed water and some rest. Who could blame them, in that heat ???

And then it was time for the last trip on the road with the horses to the school again.

We came back at 6PM, so we spend more than 2 hours riding those horses with the ‘huifcar’ (sorry don’t know the word in English for the car/pickup/ we were in. So if you know the word please let me know.

Luckely I had my iPhone to take some pictures and listen to Rodney Atkins, well some country when beeing in the countryside, otherwise I had given up or even not went on that trip. And if I knew it would take more than 2 hours, I refused. But I have to admit, kind of glad I did.

Going to end this here. Just had a great day, but the organization of this event could be so much effecient or better if they had a shorter trip planned for the horses in this heat. Just a trip through the park, through the village, arond the close fields etc. But not a trip to 2 things that are so far away from everything.

I’m also glad nothing changed at the organization, organizing is not their greatest (worked for them 10 years ago). 


I had this huge autistic meltdown, I could get out of my bed for 3 days. I had to convince myself to go to work but it was a terrible day. BUT I stayed strong and stayed the whole work day.
The rest of the week I was feeling a bit down, not having energy, not having the feeling of doing something good, etc.

That’s why I’m writing this blog about May 27 now, and not last week. So sorry 😉

Hope you enjoyed some countylife here. OH  BTW we do have tractors here, and not only horses to do all the work :p

Love, Lucy xx


Review : ‘Paint Runner Pro’ … Does it really works??

As you might know from previous blogs, I’m almost moving out here. Time for a new place.

A new place, with all white walls? Euhm ‘white’ walls ? Something that I really hate as a fashionlover, shoelover and just a lifestyleblogger. I just can’t imagine how I can live in a house with all white walls? It’s so boring, right?

When you watch some television during the day, you might have seen all the promo about ‘Téléshopping’ (that’s the name here in Belgium). So you can buy online stuff you saw at the commercial. For all those commercials I had something about it “could that reallt be possible?”. I’m always a bit suspicious when it’s about something that’s on the televion.

Really Good products don’t need all the fame of televion, they are good and people already know it.

So, let’s go back to the “Paint Runner Pro”.

I bought me one … or two???

So before Christmas it happened. I bought a Paint Runner Pro online at Bol.com (a Dutch webshop who just sells everything). I was like buy one and get one for free.

First I was like. If you need one, what would you be with a second set? Yess, it was a whole set of paint rollers for the sides and the small ends.

After using the Paint Runner Pro, I have to admit why you get a second one ! 

So about a few weeks ago it was time to get the painting starting in my new house.  A lot of work and it’s still not finished the way I wanted it.

The 2 tools that were delivered with the Paint Runner Pro (for the small pieces and the ends of the walls) are just horrible to use. I ended up with buying a new small normal paint roller in the store.

In the commercials they are using the Paint Runner Pro without putting some tape around the edges. This really doesn’t work. I have to put some tape before painting. Okay, I’m not the most handy girl out there, but for this creative girl it was a nightmare without tape.

I also have terrible pain in my wrists and hands because of some Rheumatism (that will be tested the next month). They say ‘everybody can paint everywall with this’. Well it’s def not if you have pain in your hands. It’s a very hard task in the beginning when the Paint Runner Pro is just filled with paint. Sooooo painfull it was.

Near the end of the paint I went a bit smoother, and then it was okay to paint the next layer of the walls.

Overall, I’m still in doubt if this was the best way to paint my walls pink or that I should have used a regular paint roller.

Here are some pictures of the Pro and contra I had with this Paint Runner Pro.

So this was the start where I used the Paint Runner Pro. It was so heavy to paint with, but the coverage of the paint was very good. Very smooth in the way the paint turned out on the walls.

Because the first time using the Paint Runner Pro while it was full was so heavy, it left me with all those marks on the left side. As you can see on the right see (when the Paint Runner Pro was almost empthy) it went a bit smoother and less marks on the wall.

Here’s the Paint Runner Pro during the painting my walls process. Paint all over it, and equal on every side. This was when the paint was almost gone. On the right side is the little paint roller I have to buy because the other Paint Runner Pro pieces didn’t work.


This is the wall in my living room after 2 layers with the Paint Runner Pro. In the Kitchen, restroom and bathroom I only needed 2 layers of paint, but here in the living room I need a thirth extra layer because it doens’t look the way I wanted it to be.


The kitchen in the back is well okay, while it’s the same color of paint and I used the same tools as in the livingroom.


So here are my pro’s and some negative points of this Paint Runner Pro. It’s easy when you have to paint like all the walls at the same time, walls without a lot of electricity or edges.

It’s really heavy when you just filled it with paint, but when it’s almost empty it’s really easy and really fun to work with it.

The 2 other items from Paint Runner Pro are not that practical in use, and especially not without some tape on the walls.

Would I buy it again, or recommend it to someone else?

Yess, if you want to paint your walls in one color, within the following days. No, if you are planning on using more than one collor on your walls  !

Why ? See below …

How to clean this ???

Something I really don’t get is “how do you clean the inside and the whole roller?” If you can help me, please let me know. Really need some help in cleaning this on the inside.

It’s clean but there’s still some pink just everywhere. I just can’t figure out how I can clean all the pink left on the inside. *soconfusing*

The way I see it now is … You can only use it for JUST ONE COLOR and just one color ! One thing I really understand now is why you get a second one, or buy one get one for free.

You need one for your white walls and one if your are planning to use some color. Don’t know if that’s the real reason but for me it’s.

I have the same thing with the second Paint Runner Pro ! I just can’t clean all the white primer paint out of it. It’s getting soooo frustrating as I was planning to use this Paint Runner Pro for a green color and a black one. Oh No, and I’m not planning on buying a new set for those colors. Guess I’ll have a trip to my local Hubo store and get me a regular roller.

Tips for me … Please leave a reaction below. I really want to know how to clean it in a good way, so I can use it for other colors too. 

It looks a bit dirty and so not clean, but this is how it looks after washing & washing & washing *hopeless*

If you are planning on buying one, I got mine from the Dutch site below. I guess it’s been selling all over the world.

Paint Runner Pro – Bol.com

Total look ?

Well you have to wait just a bit longer, till it is finished

Love Lucy xx

Blogmas 23 … Tractor lightning parade

I have to be honest … when I think about ‘a lightning parade’ I think of Fantilussion at Disneyland Paris or the Electrical Parade in Walt Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom.


Here in Belgium, we have our own kind of lightning parade around the holiday season. As I live on the countryside and not in a big city, we here have a TRACTOR lightning parade every year.

Tractors (old and new ones) covered in lights, 1000 of lights.

Tractor Lightning Parade @ Werchter, Belgium

So yesterday evening, we here had a tractor parade in the small village of Werchter. A parade over a few villages, and a party after the parade.

Year after Year, I really wanted to go and see all those lights in real life.

As you know I have autism, so I was always to scared to go. All the different lights, all the noices, all the different music playing at the same time, too much people, cold, waiting while surrounded by 100 or more people.

I want to go, I want to go, I’m not going, I’m not going … OKAY I’m going

So yesterday, I had planned to go and see all the tractors. During the day, I was constantly thinking ” I’m going, I’m going not, I’m going, I’m going NOT “.

I was kind of horrible having all those different ideas during the day. In the morning I had do  do some grocery shopping and I was so stressed out by all the lines in the stores, all the people … that I needed some time alone.

Around 3pm I made up my mind and decided to go and see all the tractors mysefl (instead of seeing pictures from everybody on Facebook).

Tractor Lightning Parade it is !

I took my iPhone, extra charger, scarf, warm jacket and gloves and joined my brother to Werchter, to see all the tractors. Yess, if you are a farmers daughter you still have some little thing about tractors.

Maybe for most of you it’s not the right combination of beeing a lifestyleblogger (fashionblogger in future) and blog about seeing some tractors. For me it’s a good combination. As I’m moving out of this farm in a few months, the love for tractors I take with me.


The last few days I kind of lost the magic of the Christmas season. I guess it came because we had early snowfal in December and now it’s so dark, warm and rainy outside.

But I have to admit, yesterday evening I felt the whole Christmas spirit again.

I still have friends with tractors, kind of like the song of Rodney Attins is about me
Friends with tractors – Rodney Atkins

Let’s go and see some tractors.

Some of the tractors were so beautiful decorated, other had just the basic lights.

More tractors, and more tractors to come

I’m so sorry for all the overload of tractors right now, and sorry for the not great quality but I’m saving money to buy a camera 😉 so now I only have my iPhone 

Next stop

After all the tractors where leaving in Werchter, we went to see the real parade on the street somewhere in an other city (village).

We drove a few minutes, and waited there in Tremelo (the city where Father Damian lived, sorry for the historylesson).

We waited a few minutes till the parade arrived. Now we saw the whole parade and not only the tractors, and the leaving part of the parade.


As I have an Iphone to take pictures, I didn’t took pictures during the parade. I knew that they were all not going to be great and beautiful. So I filmed the whole parade.

Okay, you might find this all boring, and I can understand. If I had lived in a city or in another country I wouldn’t be there yesterday. It’s something for a country(farmers)girl like me.

Because of all the tractors, I will only share the whole parade if you want to see it so badly 😉 Please leave a comment, if you like to see the movie I took last night with all the tractors passing on the street.

One thing I didn’t like, was that there were tractors without christmas music. It would be better and funnier to watch if all the tractors were playing a Christmas song like before the start in Werchter.

A girl with autism and this ?

Well, it was a hard time beeing there. That’s TRUE ! OMG, all those lights, ,different lights, all the colors, all the people, all the different kind of music … AND that all at the same time. It was kind of the nightmare I was scared for, and it was true.

Here’s a little movie I took with everything around me. I felt like a psychco, and feeling to get crazy standing there !

This was the moment before the parade started.

I had a great time yesterday evening but it was also a big nightmare for me with my autism. So today I had a very bad morning. So much pain, so much emotions, not really wanted to wake up and do some stuff.

Next year?

Okay, let me be clear ! This was a once in a lifetime event for me. If I want to go back next year, please hold me and lock me up ! It was so beautiful but not worth all the pain I felt all day.

So no, I will not go back next year. I will stay at home, comfy and cosy in my PJ’s and watching a movie.

So this was #blogmas 23 of yesterday and a Christmas tradition here in Belgium.

Hope it was okay to see all the tractors. I can totally understand if you hated it.

Love Lucy xx


Please note … I’m so sorry for all the tractors in this blog ! 

Blogmas 11 … pain pain pain & more pain | Oh and a healthy recipe for oatmeal waffles

” I’m 32 years old but most of the time I feel like 82! “

Okay, this was the quote for today ! Such a painfull day, so much pain again!


I woke up this morning at 8am, but I couldn’t get out of my bed. It needed more time, like always, but today I needed 1h15 to get out of bed. It was 9.15am, till I got up and was able to get some breakfast.

All day I can eat this healthy food I want, but for breakfast I always need sugary things.

My plan after breakfast … I went back to bed for another hour. I had no idea that I could do stuff today.

Snow, snow and more snow

Yesterday the snow melted all, and this morning it was snowing hard again. In just a few hours it was all white and dangerous outside.

Around 13pm I went outside to take a walk in the snow and take some pictures of the snow around us. It’s so magic all the snow outside on the trees.

Once outside it was like the cold wind has frozen my muscle pains. Once inside again I needed to go to bed.

Here are some pictures of the magical snow…

Sorry … it was a NO make-up monday today (and I had so much pain I could not hold my brushes this morning 😥 ) 

Cat paws in the snow


Some paws I’ve seen today are so strange, like always cat’s don’t have a good direction to follow. Left, right, oh no left again.
I wish I had pictures of my cats in the first snow but they don’t like snow ! 

Old Timberland boots are the best EVER !

Time to bake some … waffles

Oh yess, I’m belgian so waffles are the best here! I really like to bake healthy waffles I can eat for lunch or breakfast. Today I ate some for diner with fresh fruit, peanutbutter and maple sirup.

A few days ago I promised a friend of mine I would sell here my Mickey waffles machine, which was laying here unused for more than 4 years now. And I had to try it to make sure it still works after that long time doing nothing! It still worked !

So time for some oatmeal waffles, the best ever ! Off course I also made some heart shape waffles beside the Mickey ones.

Here are the ingredients I used


And yess, that’s all you need for a great recipe for healthy waffles. Okay not vegan because of the eggs, but you can replace them.

You need :

  • 200 grams of oatmeal
  • 300 ml of rice milk
  • 2 eggs (not the biggest ones)
  • 1 tbsp of backing powder
  • 2 tbsp of honey
  • 1 theespoon of vanille extract
  • coconut oil for the waffles machine

How to make them ?

  • blend the oatmeal very fine like flour
  • put the egg white in a separate bowl and mix it
  • take another bowl to put all the ingredients in (oatmeal flour, rice milk, honey, vanilla, egg yellow and baking powder)
  • Mix all those ingredients together
  • Add the egg white with a spoon
  • put on the waffle machine while the dough is resting a few minutes
  • put on the coconut oil on the machine and than the dough
  • bake the waffles till golden brown and ready

Enjoy !

Moment after the baking … PAIN

Oh yess, after I baked the waffles, all of them, it was over and out for today. I couldn’t move my arm after eating some waffles.

So here I am now, in bed trying to make todays blogpost and finish it.

It’s so unfair that I’m having all that pain and my doctor is just saying ” it’s not that bad, get over it, and wait another month”.

Last month I had to take medication for 2 months, but after taking them a month it all is getting so much worst 😥

I really feel like an 82 year old women, and not the 32 year old that should have energy to rase kids, have a fulltime job and still is going out !

I have a beautiful life now and feeling so happy (after some really bad years) but all that pain is so hard to deal with rightnow. I want to do stuff, I want to go to the Christmas marktet or just prepare a meal after a workday. But NO, after a workday I’m just dead, so dead !

Tomorrow I have to work a full day, preparing the store for the Christmas and year end sales that are coming end of this week. So tomorrow night, I will have so much pain again. Not normal, but my doctor says it’s not that bad enough grrr.

I’m ending my blog here, going to see if there’s a Chrismas movie on Netflix that I haven’t seen before.

Till tomorrow !

Love Lucy xx

Blogmas 6 … A day at Brussels Expo

First of all … SORRY that I’m a day late with writing this blog !


Agri…what ? Well, AGRIBEX ! Agribex is an expo in Brussels about the agriculture, new tractors, new technologies. It’s an event in Brussels every 2 years in December arount starting around the 6th.

So this year it was time to make a visit to this 2 year event.

For me it’s been a while since I been there, because when you go in the weekends it’s always so crawded, so bizzy. Too much people, too much noices, etc not ideal for this autistic girl.

Now I had a day off on Wednesday the 6th, the first day of this event. A day without families because it’s a schoolday in Belgium, and most people won’t drive to Brussels with all the traffic jams around Brussels. I live like 35 min away from Brussels (when there’s not lot of traffic, so it’s not that far.

We had no traffic getting in Brussels so we were toooooo early there at Brussels Expo.

‘Sinterklaas’ morning

December 6th, is also know here as ‘Sinterklaas’ morning, like I told you in my blogmas of December 5th.

On this morning we have a lot of chocolate, speculaas and other candy that ‘Sinterklaas’ has brought.

So this was breakfast, not healthy but for one day a year it’s okay I guess.


After breakfast, it was time to leave to Brussels to Agribex.

Tractors, and more tractors …

First stop at Agribex, off course seeing all the new tractors and machines. As a country girl, a farmers daughter, I can enjoy this when there’s not a lot of people.

So I really enjoyed this day watching all the new things about Agriculture, seeing new John Deere tractors. Sometimes I really wish we had a John Deere at home. I always found those were the pretty ones, more pretty than the Fendt, Deutz, and others we have.

So here are some pictures of the day. Okay, it’s kind off strange for a lifestyleblogger and fashionblogger that I’m now going to show you some pictures of tractors and farmanimals :/ SO I still hope you like this blog. 

John Deere

New Holland

Cute balloons


Oh and we got an ice cream at 10.25 am at the New Holland infodesk. Oh yeah, I can officialy say that yesterday was such an unhealthy day. I couldn’t finish this icecream, guess my stomach was on strike that it was tooooo early for some cold sugar bomp.

Some little tractors from a high school in Belgium



The reason whey there was a gold Fendt tractor, it’s was a celebration of 50 years Fendt.
Sorry for my look, it was soooo hot and still wearing my very warm Zara Rodeo jumper. 



No Agribex without Cows


How was my day?

Well, it was a big surprise that there were not many people. For me that was a big HIT! For the first time ever, I enjoyed this day.
At the infodesk of John Deere I bought 2 iron plates for in my new home. I’m going to show you them later in my home 😉

Fendt also had so great toys at there infodesk, like this mechano style tractor. Really loved it, and the price was not that bad. But just had no cash with me, so had to  leave it there.


So yess, this autistic girl had such a nice day ! No headaches, but a lot of muscles pains like other days.

Free stuff

Off course there’s no expo with companies without free stuff to take home. From New Holland I got 2 balloons, which are soooo cute.
Other things I got is this pencil and gum with Einstein on it, some balloons and candy from Fendt and lot of infobrochures.

By the end of the day I was so tired that I couldn’t write this blog. Also I had suchs horrible pain in my muscles. So horrible. My medications don’t seems to work and I have more and more pain each day. Guess it’s time to find a new doctor. 

Thanks for reading, and sorry it’s not the usual #lifestyleblogger and #fashionblogger post for blogmas.

Love, Lucy xx

Christmastree … time to decorate

Sorry … only in English

Oh Christmastree, oh Christmastree

Since I saw a Christmas musicvideo on Youtube, I’m heaving the Christmasspirit. What’s better than a christmassong ? Well a Country christmassong. 

Today, Tuesday, I had a day off. Besides I have pain in whole my body, I found it was the time to decorate the christmastree.


Over the past years, I’ve been collecting Disney ornaments when I visited Disneyland Paris or Walt Disney World. I build a great collection, whish means I now have 7 (yess 7 !!!) banana boxes full of Disney ornaments going from Mickey through Tangled, Frozen, etc.

Decorations enough to fill almost 5 trees like the one I have.

Last year I decided that I wanted a different style and not a Disney Christmastree like the past years.

So last year I went to different stores and bought a decorationcollection that I really love. The important thing about the new decorations was … it’s CATPROOF.

Today I decorated my christmastree with the same ornaments like last year, another catproof tree.

Maybe one day when I move out I will sell all my Disney ornaments because I guess I’m never going to use them again.

White and wood

The theme for my Christmas tree is white and wood, fluffy and cute. I only have a few real balls but the other ornaments are reindeers and foxes.

Let’s start the decoration

Lights and the ‘fake’ tree



First steps … the lights

Finished tree

Details of all the decorations

Decorations with the lights on

And yours ?

I know it’s just a basic christmas tree and not that beautiful like some of your christmas trees.

My autism makes me do just decorate the basic stuff like the lights and the ornaments. I can’t spend a lot of time on decorating the tree. For this tree I only spend less than 30 min (set up included).
Today I have also a lot of pain so it’s difficult to use my have and to stand very long.

So what do you guys think of all the reindeers? Did you set up your Christmastree already?

Hope you all liked it, and thanks for reading my blog !

Love Lucy, xx

Muziek … naar wat luister ik nu gans de tijd ?

De naam van mijn blog heeft ook te maken met de muziek die ik het liefst van al hoor. Eigenlijk luister ik hier nooit naar de Belgische radio, of Belgische muziek. Ik zou dus niet weten hoe de nieuwe Vlaamse liedjes klinken, wie er op dit moment in België de favoriete artiest is of het meest gespeelde nummer. Misschien kunnen jullie me dit wel vertellen?

Toen ik werkte stond er altijd een radio op, maar zo meer met oudere muziek. Op die radiozender werd er ook vaak één van mijn favoriete Amerikaanse groepen gespeeld, dus dat nummer kon ik altijd meezingen in mijn hoofd (ondanks al het gebabbel van de collega’s).

Mijn favoriete muziek is …


Echt gewoon de pure Amerikaanse COUNTRY muziek! Daar luister ik dus elke dag naar. Via iTunes, via mijn iPhone of gewoon hier op de laptop. Als ik met de bus ergens naar toe ga, of als ik hier gewoon zit dan zet ik ook vaak een Amerikaanse radiozender op. Ik ben dus op de hoogte van het nieuws uit Paris, Texas maar niet uit wat er gebeurd in mijn regio. I just love KOYN radio station !

Ik heb een paar artiesten die ik ontzettend graag beluister, ongeacht of ik hun nummers al jaren heb of niet ik blijf ze gewoon super goed vinden. Country muziek is echt een passie van me naast mode. (moest dit nu Amerika zijn, dan ging ik waarschijnlijk iets doen met het ontwerpen of verkopen van Cowboy boots, alleen raak je dat hier niet zo verkocht).

Ik heb zelf ook een aantal paar cowboy boots, en die draag ik gewoon met zoveel plezier. Ze maken mijn outfits gewoon af.  Al weet ik ook wel dat het niet overal gepast is om met cowboy boots rond te lopen. Als ik een outfit draag met cowboy boots of diezelfde outfit met sneakers of andere laarzen, dan voel ik me het best in die outfit met cowboy boots.
Zo gemakkelijk om mee te lopen, hak is stevig, hak is niet te hoog, de bovenkant is afgerond en niet zo stijf als gewone andere laarzen.

Ik begin een beetje van het onderweg ‘muziek’ af te dwalen. SSsttt genoeg over mode. Eens ik over mode begin kan ik niet stoppen :/

Back to music !

Favoriete zanger(S)

Inderdaad, zangers met een S ! Ik heb meerdere country zangers die ik graag hoor, eigenlijk meer zangers dan zangeressen of groepen. Hier even een overzichtje …

Rodney Atkins
Met stip komt deze op de eerste plaats in mijn lijstje voor. Hij is echt geweldig. Zijn stem, zijn Cowboy uiterlijk, zijn teksten, …
Sommige nummers kan ik gewoon na elkaar blijven spelen, ook al is het een nummer van uit 2009. Ik blijf het super goed vinden. Op mijn Facebook post ik ook vaak ‘ik luister naar Rodney Atkins’, gewoon om hem hier in België ook wat meer bekend te maken bij mijn vrienden. Echter denk ik niet dat iemand er ooit al zelf een nummer van heeft gehoord of hem is gaan opzoeken op YouTube.
Mijn favoriete nummers zijn …
– it’s America
– friends with tractors
– watching you
– if you going through hell
Vooral dat laatste zet ik veel op als ik het moeilijk heb.
If you going through hell

Luke Bryan
Nog zo’n Country ster die ik graag hoor. Veel kan ik er niet over vertellen, hij is gewoon super goed ! Vooral zijn nummer ‘rollercoaster’ & ‘out like that’. Deze nummers deden me gans het album kopen op iTunes, en van één album kwam gans de collectie die beschikbaar was. Yeah, ik ben fan van hem. Dit is zo muziek die ik vaak opzet als ik te voet moet wandelen of gewoon in het stad moet wandelen. Het is zo’n happy muziek waardoor het wandelen gewoon wat leuker wordt. 

Jake Owen
Jake is nog zo’n country ster die ik heel graag beluister. Toen ik het nummer ‘alone with you’ hoorde op Koyn radio, dan moest ik gewoon weten wie het zong. Natuurlijk als je de artiest wilt weten, wordt deze niet vermeld op de radio. Typisch. Uren heb ik zitten zoeken toen ik om half 8 op het werk toe kwam. Ik moest gewoon weten welk nummer ik hoorde en wie het zong. Ik moest gewoon weten wie om 7u11 mijn dag deed ophelderen. Na uren zoeken op gsm (en op internet) tussen mijn facturen en SAP boekingen door, vond ik het terug. Mijn dag was dan nog beter ! Ik herinner me nog dat ik dan met mijn iPhone naar het toilet ben gegaan, want ik moest gewoon dat nummer nog een terughoren. Hoop dat niemand het toen was opgevallen dat ik wat langer wegbleef. Want 1 keer horen werd een paar keer horen. Die avond ook meteen al de rest van zijn muziek via Itunes gedownload.
Ik heb hem dan via Social Media beginnen volgen, en een paar weken geleden heeft hij me een ‘friend invite’ gestuurd via Facebook. Dus ja, wat kan je zeggen. Die man is GEWELDIG
Alone with you – jake owen

Toby Keith
Eén van de eerste country sterren die ik via YouTube ontdekte was Toby Keith. Meteen weggeblazen van het nummer ‘should’ve been a cowboy’.
Toby Keith
Op dat moment had ik nog geen iTunes, dus was het vooral luisteren naar zijn muziek via YouTube. Uren zat ik gewoon ’s avonds nog op YouTube gewoon liedjes te beluisteren.
Naast het bovenvermelde nummer vind ik volgende ook erg goed …
– made in America
– American Soulder
– a few more cowboys
Dat laatste is echt een prachtig nummer ! ‘Als er meer cowboys zijn dan zou de wereld er anders uit zien’. Ja, dat denk ik nu ook wel !

Verder hoor ik nog graag de nummers van Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean. Keith Urban heeft nog een nummer uitgebracht met Carrie Underwood ‘the fighter’. Telkens ik het moeilijk heb, zet ik dat nummer op. Echt heerlijk om mee te brullen, en dan te denken ‘ik geef niet op, ik kan dit’. i’m a fighter !

Favoriete zangeres(SEN)

Hier ook weer een meervoud, want ik heb wel meerdere zangeressen die ik graag hoor. In mijn jeugd was het vooral Taylor Swift, ik kon naar niets anders meer luisteren dan Taylor. Ik stond er ’s morgens mee op, en ging er ook mee slapen. Alle cd’s moest ik hebben, ik leefde gewoon Taylor.

Gelukkig heb ik in de loop van de jaren ook nog andere artiesten leren kennen die uitstekend kunnen Country zingen. Echt sommige zijn gewoon the best van the best.

Carrie Underwood
Ik denk niet dat er iemand anders beter Idols had kunnen winnen dan Carrie in America. Haar auditie voor Idols is gewoon super leuk. Een gewoon meisje dat de jury omver blaast door haar zingen. Ouders zijn gewone landbouwers in Amerika, en zij helpt op de boerderij. Het eerste stuk van deze tekst kan ook op mij van toepassing zijn, alleen kan ik totaal niet zingen. Carrie heeft het nummer ‘ever ever after’ gezongen van de Disney Film Enchanted.
Sinds ik dat hoorde, was ik helemaal verkocht. In de loop van de jaren heeft ze nu schitterende songs gemaakt waaronder één wel heel speciaal is. Ik vind het echt één van haar mooiste nummers die ze ooit gemaakt heeft, namelijk … SEE YOU AGAIN.
see you again
Daarnaast hoor ik ook nog volgende nummers graag…
– two black cadilacs
– blown away
– play it again

Kelsea Ballerini
Toen ik haar nummer ‘peter pan’ hoorde, was ik niet zo aangesproken. Ik had dan ook vorig jaar geen behoefte om haar cd’s te kopen. TOT … ik een paar weken geleden haar nieuwe nummer ‘LEGENDS’ hoorde, en ik was verkocht. Zo mooi is dat nummer, en de bijhorende videoclip op YouTube, maakt me sprakeloos. Het nummer kocht ik meteen op Itunes, en daarnaast ook al haar andere songs. Eigenlijk had ik best wel spijt dat ik haar album niet eerder heb gekocht want er staan wel een paar mooie nummers op. Ze kunnen natuurlijk niet tippen aan ‘legends’.

Lauren Alaini
Hier nog een artieste van wie ik meteen gans haar nummers moest hebben. Toen ik haar nummer ‘road less travelled’ hoorde, vond ik het prachtig. Hier had ik ook eerst totaal geen idee wie het zong, wat de titel was. Ik zat weer op de bus iets voor 7 uur ’s morgens toen het nummer gedraaid werd (het is dan ergens middernacht in Texas, dus op die zender spreken ze dan minder). Dus werd het weer een zoektocht naar dit nummer op internet. Ik tikte een stukje van de tekst in die ik nog wist te onthouden tot ik op het werk was, en meteen vond ik haar nummer via Google. Dat nummer heb ik dan nog even via YouTube op mijn iPhone zitten beluisteren tot de collega’s toekwamen. Oh zo mooi. Eigenlijk gaat het nummer over de ‘eetstoornissen in LA’ maar voor mij heeft het eigenlijk ook die betekenis dat het niet alleen geldt in LA.
Op haar cd staat nog een prachtig nummer namelijk ‘doing fine’. Iets wat ik eigenlijk wel altijd zeg ‘het gaat goed met me’ terwijl het vaak ook niet gaat.
lauren – doing fine

Net als bij favoriete zangers heb ik hier ook weer een aantal zangeressen die ik wel erg goed vind, maar net iets minder dan de vorige.
Zoals Miranda Lambert.

Favoriete band

Eentje zonder meervoud, want ik heb maar één favoriete Country band die ik graag hoor.

Lady Antebellum
Toen ik in 2013 voor het eerst naar Amerika vloog, ontdekte ik deze band voor het eerst. Ik was het wat beu om die films en series te zien op de lange vlucht naar Amerika. Toen ik checkte wat er bij Country stond, zag ik een cd van hen staan. Ik heb deze dan opgezet, en vanaf de eerste nood was ik verkocht aan hun muziek. Meteen nam ik een foto van de cd die speelde, om deze later terug te vinden om te kopen.
Eenmaal terug in België na mijn reis, werd ik voor 3 maanden opgenomen in de psychiatrie (waar ik de diagnose ASS krijg). Hun muziek heeft me er eigenlijk door gesleept.
Vooral nummers als ‘need you now’ blijven een speciale betekenis hebben. Hun laatste album heb ik ook in voorverkoop gekocht, en zo kreeg ik wekelijks een nieuw nummer. Echt prachtig. In oktober komen ze naar Europa, helaas niet naar België.  Ik had anders mijn angst voor grote zalen wel even aan de kant gezet.
Op mijn vorig werk werd het nummer ‘need you now’ ook vaak op een Belgische radio zender gespeeld. Telkens als dit nummer gespeeld werd, voelde ik me gelukkiger. Een kleine opklaring. Vooral de laatste maanden als het wat minder was, dan was ‘need you now’ meer een ik heb mijn psycholoog nu nodig (of iemand om tegen te babbelen en te huilen).
Hier heb je de link need you now
Ik kan hieronder nog een hele lijst geven met favoriete songs, maar dan moet ik al hun nummers hier zetten. Ze zijn gewoon top !

Zo nu heb je ook een idee van wat voor muziek ik allemaal luister, gans de dag door. Net zoals ‘mode’ is dit een onderwerp waar ik nog uren over kan verder gaan, maar ik ga hier nu deze blog stoppen. Veel plezier als jullie de links openen, ik hoop dat jullie de nummers ook kunnen appreciëren.

Veel groetjes, Lucy xx