How is life rightnow ? Therapy, therapy, therapy

Well yeah, the never ending story of my life I guess. 


 The whole thing with having autism, having psoriasis, having fibromyalgia, having meltdowns, … got it’s breakpunt reached.

I never stopped therapy sessions with my psychologist, or psychiatrist, but now I’m going a few times more again.

Everybody is saying you have a great job, a great new house, great family … ‘ you can’t have a mental problem’. Well I’m sure have !

For me everything has to be perfect, so it’s so damn hard if you can’t create, can’t drawn, can’t shop like you always have in a perfect way. I can’t color my hair anymore, getting new pills who are making me fat (okay I don’t eat healthy all day but that’s never get’s me as FAT as since I started to take those new pills).

So yesterday, I had an appointement with my therapist and we had a great talk. So she gave me some homework to deal with the next few weeks. One of them is starting to eat healthy the whole day long.

Eating healthy and planning what I’m going to eat the next days is so hard. Because I don’t know what I want to eat tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Doing some groceries every day, is a total NOOOOOO … so now I have a huge struggle in front of me about food, about making better choises.

I took my favorite cook book by the hand and this evening I started to bake the Bananabread, like NIOMI SMART. She posted a video ‘what I eat in a day’ a few days ago on her YouTube channel, so I was inspired to make that to.


So here it is! I never get this golden brown look like she has but it’s sooo delicious. 

I now have breakfast for tomorrow. Okay I took  slices as a snack already. I just couldn’t resist. I hope I can eat this tomorrow morning without my chocopaste (I’m still in my eating chocopaste period). So hope I will be okay eating this tomorrow and not having toast with chocopaste.

Tomorrow is a workday, so it’s going to be a salad for me insteat of a sandwich with some good old Dutch cheese.

I have to do this, I have to eat healthy to stay like this and not getting fatter because of the pills. If I don’t do this, and nothing will fit me, than I’ll be back on track with feeling despressed (story of my life, nothing new).

Please be kind and love your support, here on my blog, on my Instragram (@autisticcountrygirl) or Twitter (@autisticcountry).

**** Stay Smiling ****

Love lucy xx
(maybe it’s that time to start blogging under me real firstname soon)


Recipe … A healthy Oatmeal cake (no sugar or fat added)

As my birthday is a few weeks behind me, it’s time to start to work on my newyear resolutions I made for this year. Starting before my birthday is a NO for me because I’ll give so easy with all the threats and snacks.

So now it’s FEBRUARY, oh yess already February. I can’t hardly believe it’s the second month of the new year.

Okay, let’s move over to the point where you decided to read this blog, right?

I hate to cook, but I love to bake ! 

That’s my life quote I guess ! But even when you bake you can make some healthy snacks that are so good for you !

On Thursday I tried to bake a healthy oatmeal cake, and now today I went for perfection. The taste was great but I was just missing something in the cake. Now, it’s good for me, so I hope also good for you !



Healthy Oatmeal cake


  • 100 grams of oatmeal flakes
  • 3 ripe (almost brown) bananas (taste so much sweeter)
  • 1 big apple
  • 2 tbsp of cinnamon
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 tbsp of raisins (dark)
  • 1 tbsp of almonds (for the topping)


  1. Pre heat the oven at 180° C
  2. Blend the 3 bananas in a blender (type NutriBlender) or just use a fork to mash them like I did
  3. Put the mashed banana in a bowl and add the oatmeal flakes, cinnamon and the eggs
  4. mixt everything
  5. add the raisins and mix again
  6. Slice the apple and cut in small pieces
  7. Add the apple pieces in the bowl and stir everything
  8. Add everything in a cake pan
  9. If you want you can add the almonds on top
  10. put in the oven for about 30 minutes until it’s golden brown
  11. let cool for a few minutes & ENJOY

Here are just some pictures of the steps for baking this healthy cake..

The arome when baking is just sooooo good, so yummie.

Here’s the finished cake


This is how it looks on the inside, full of good healthy things



Well, I like this cake with a cup of coffee, but also with some Greek yogurt.

It’s one of the best things I baked the past weeks, I really hope you like it to. Please let me know if you do or don’t 😉

It’s just perfect for a healthy Sunday snack and for a healthy breakfast to start the next week! Oh and it’s budget proof, so again another winner !

Love Lucy xx

Blogmas 11 … pain pain pain & more pain | Oh and a healthy recipe for oatmeal waffles

” I’m 32 years old but most of the time I feel like 82! “

Okay, this was the quote for today ! Such a painfull day, so much pain again!


I woke up this morning at 8am, but I couldn’t get out of my bed. It needed more time, like always, but today I needed 1h15 to get out of bed. It was 9.15am, till I got up and was able to get some breakfast.

All day I can eat this healthy food I want, but for breakfast I always need sugary things.

My plan after breakfast … I went back to bed for another hour. I had no idea that I could do stuff today.

Snow, snow and more snow

Yesterday the snow melted all, and this morning it was snowing hard again. In just a few hours it was all white and dangerous outside.

Around 13pm I went outside to take a walk in the snow and take some pictures of the snow around us. It’s so magic all the snow outside on the trees.

Once outside it was like the cold wind has frozen my muscle pains. Once inside again I needed to go to bed.

Here are some pictures of the magical snow…

Sorry … it was a NO make-up monday today (and I had so much pain I could not hold my brushes this morning 😥 ) 

Cat paws in the snow


Some paws I’ve seen today are so strange, like always cat’s don’t have a good direction to follow. Left, right, oh no left again.
I wish I had pictures of my cats in the first snow but they don’t like snow ! 

Old Timberland boots are the best EVER !

Time to bake some … waffles

Oh yess, I’m belgian so waffles are the best here! I really like to bake healthy waffles I can eat for lunch or breakfast. Today I ate some for diner with fresh fruit, peanutbutter and maple sirup.

A few days ago I promised a friend of mine I would sell here my Mickey waffles machine, which was laying here unused for more than 4 years now. And I had to try it to make sure it still works after that long time doing nothing! It still worked !

So time for some oatmeal waffles, the best ever ! Off course I also made some heart shape waffles beside the Mickey ones.

Here are the ingredients I used


And yess, that’s all you need for a great recipe for healthy waffles. Okay not vegan because of the eggs, but you can replace them.

You need :

  • 200 grams of oatmeal
  • 300 ml of rice milk
  • 2 eggs (not the biggest ones)
  • 1 tbsp of backing powder
  • 2 tbsp of honey
  • 1 theespoon of vanille extract
  • coconut oil for the waffles machine

How to make them ?

  • blend the oatmeal very fine like flour
  • put the egg white in a separate bowl and mix it
  • take another bowl to put all the ingredients in (oatmeal flour, rice milk, honey, vanilla, egg yellow and baking powder)
  • Mix all those ingredients together
  • Add the egg white with a spoon
  • put on the waffle machine while the dough is resting a few minutes
  • put on the coconut oil on the machine and than the dough
  • bake the waffles till golden brown and ready

Enjoy !

Moment after the baking … PAIN

Oh yess, after I baked the waffles, all of them, it was over and out for today. I couldn’t move my arm after eating some waffles.

So here I am now, in bed trying to make todays blogpost and finish it.

It’s so unfair that I’m having all that pain and my doctor is just saying ” it’s not that bad, get over it, and wait another month”.

Last month I had to take medication for 2 months, but after taking them a month it all is getting so much worst 😥

I really feel like an 82 year old women, and not the 32 year old that should have energy to rase kids, have a fulltime job and still is going out !

I have a beautiful life now and feeling so happy (after some really bad years) but all that pain is so hard to deal with rightnow. I want to do stuff, I want to go to the Christmas marktet or just prepare a meal after a workday. But NO, after a workday I’m just dead, so dead !

Tomorrow I have to work a full day, preparing the store for the Christmas and year end sales that are coming end of this week. So tomorrow night, I will have so much pain again. Not normal, but my doctor says it’s not that bad enough grrr.

I’m ending my blog here, going to see if there’s a Chrismas movie on Netflix that I haven’t seen before.

Till tomorrow !

Love Lucy xx

Recept … gezonde WORTELCAKE

Naast de wortelsoep, heb ik me ook nog eens gewaagd aan een gezonde variant op de wortelcake uit Amerika. Een goed stuk wortelcake gaat er steeds wel in. Alleen jammer dat een stukje wortelcake van bij Starbucks altijd meer dan 300 kcal per stuk zijn. Echt gezond kan je die niet noemen.

Toen ik deze cake bakte, rook het hele huis al zoals een Amerikaanse winkeltje. Oh echt heerlijk.

Na een aantal mislukte pogingen vorige week om pompoencake en wortelcake te maken, is deze poging glansrijk geslaagd. Dit ga ik zelf nog 100de keren maken. Echt fantastisch.
Oh, en nee ik heb niet gans de taart in mijn eentje opgegeten. De helft heb ik in porties in de diepvries gestoken. Lekker voor snel een snack mee te nemen. Mjammie !

Honger gekregen? Hier volgt het recept !



  • 250 gram wortelen (geschild en geraspt)
  • 2 rijpe bananen
  • 200 gram speltbloem (kan ook met gewone bloem)
  • 100 ml amandelmelk
  • 1 zakje bakpoeder
  • 50 gram amandelschilfers
  • 2 volledige eieren
  • 50 gram ontpitte dadels
  • 2 speculaaskoekjes (voor het deeg)
  • 2 speculaaskoekjes (voor de afwerking)
  • 2 koffielepels kaneelpoeder
  • neutrale olie om de bakvorm in te vetten (ik heb maïsolie gebruikt)



  • keukenweegschaal
  • mesje
  • schilmesje voor de wortelen
  • vork
  • bord
  • keukenweegschaal
  • mengkom
  • koffielepel
  • mixer
  • keukenrobot (om de amandelen te hakken tot poeder)
  • maatbeker
  • schaaltjes om af te wegen
  • springvorm van +- 24 cm
  • spatel
  • prikker om te kijken of de cake goed is


Vooraf … zorg dat je al 250 gram wortelen hebt geschild en geraspt

  1. Zet de oven aan op 180 graden en laat deze voorverwarmen terwijl je het beslag maakt.
  2. Doe de amandelschilfer in de keukenrobot of blender en hak deze fijn
  3. plet de bananen met een vork.
  4. snij de dadels in hele kleine stukjes
  5. doe de geplette bananen, de amandelmelk, de eieren en de stukjes dadels in een mengkom en mixt deze even door elkaar
  6. Voeg nu de 200 gram bloem toe aan het beslag, gevolgd door het bakpoeder
  7. Verkruimel 2 speculaaskoekjes en doe deze ook in het beslag
  8. voeg ook nog 2 koffielepels kaneelpoeder toe
  9. mix alles door elkaar voor ongeveer een minuutje
  10. voeg nu de geraspte wortelen toe aan het beslag en roer deze goed door het beslag
  11. tot slot voeg je nog de gemalen amandelen toe
  12. Neem je springvorm en vet deze in met een neutrale olie, best met een stukje keukenpapier
  13. Doe het beslag in de springvorm met behulp van een spatel
  14. Strooi er nu de 2 overgebleven speculaasjes over (verkruimeld)
  15. stop de cake nu in de oven en laat 25 minuutjes bakken
  16. na 25 minuutjes steek je even met een prikker
  17. blijft de prikker droog, dan is de cake klaar & kan je deze voorzichtig uit de oven halen. Als er nog deeg aan de prikker kleeft, dan mag je de cake nog even wat langer in de oven laten zitten
  18. Ga met een mesje langs de kant van de cake en de springvorm om deze wat los te maken
  19. maak de springvorm los en zet de cake op een rooster om verder af te koelen
  20. Laat volledig afkoelen alvorens te proeven (hoe moeilijk het ook gaat zijn).

Hier even wat foto’s van het hele proces:

De cake kan je perfect in stukje invriezen als je zoals ik anders gans de cake moet opeten.

Perfecte snack om snel mee te nemen naar het werk of om als ontbijt te eten met wat Griekse yoghurt. 

Smakelijk !

Groetjes, Lucy xx