What I eat in a day … when I have a bad day ?

A few months ago I posted my first ‘what I eat in a day’. I love routine when it comes to eating and when it comes to making food choices.

A few weeks ago I started to eat more healthier again, to have some more energy during the day. Loosing weight again will be so good, but that will be impossible while I take this much medication every day.

Last monday I had a very bad day, a lot of headache, I had an appointment with my psychologist in the morning, and was so tired.

So here’s what I ate during that day. It’s just to show you what I ate, and it’s not healthy that day, what I know but I want to show you that’s it’s not easy to eat healthy and stay focussed on healthy eating when feeling down and having some issues about my autism. So please be kind, and please to not follow this menu (it’s not something I eat everyday). 


I have some periodes in my life where I eat stuff for a few weeks and then I can eat that anymore. So now I’m in my ‘chocopaste’ periode, and everyday I eat some toast with chocopaste. The one form Lidl, as spending around 5 EUR for the same from Nutella is a no!

So that monday I eat 2 slices of toast, made from white bread as I’m getting sick at the moment eating whole wheat products.



This pot of 750 grams was only 1,99 EURO in Lidl Belgium, so a better deal than buying Nutella and paying around 5 EURO for the same amount.


I had an appointment with the psychologist and when I came home I needed some comfyfood. Some quick lunch meal. Like the quote … when you feel like crap, you eat like crap.

So I made my some mac’n cheese, the Belgium way. It’s without cheddar, and with some ham.


After this I drunk a cup of coffee with some skimmed milk. I’m just a coffee person, and always need coffee after a warm meal.


So the first 2 meals of the day where horrible and not healthy (but yummy), I went for a salad for diner. Now we have a special USA Ranch sauce in our store. It just taste like the ones in the USA. I was so happy when I found it in Colruyt, and since then I’m eating a lot of salads. Maybe not that healthy in combination with the ranch sauce all the time, but at least I’m eating my veggies every day !


It’s a salad with advocado, mango, egg, cucumber and salad.


For snack I had some strawberries, which are in season right now, so a reason to eat more of them. During the day I had some strawberries, and around 8PM I also had some but than with some icing sugar.



During that day I have to admit to drink a lot of Coke Zero, but also a liter water a day. Besides that I have my daily Ginger Ale, and my daily cup of coffee.

Yess, I might drink a lot, but that’s just me. I drink around 3 liters a day in total, and in summer even more. Even on work days, it’s way more than those 3 liters.


So this was my ‘what I eat in a day, when I’m not feeling well physically. So please no judging me for eating this during those days. I know I can eat better, but my ‘autistic mind’ won’t always let me eat better and healthier.  I like some routines, and I eat stuff in periodes like the chocopaste.

It’s possible that I start a ‘jam’ periode or cheese periode next week and than I’m stuck with my stash of chocopaste 😉

But you will always find out here or on my Instagram 😉

Thanks for reading !

Love Lucy xx


Blogmas 21 … Christmas treat

My favorite Christmas treat …


Earlier this week I was in the store and I found these really delicious lychees again. For me … there’s no Christmas feeling without eating lychee.

Normally they are quite expensive here in Belgian stores but this year I found that the price per kilo was okay.

So I was glad I could buy these (one time buy only each year) delicious lychee before Christmas. Guess the price will be higher this weekend.

Yummie !



Grocery shopping during the Holiday season

Going to a supermarket here in my area is pretty hard for me as an autistic girl. Since we have a new Lidl store here, I prefer to go grocery shopping there.

Last week I was in our local ‘Colruyt’ supermarket, which is always full packed with products, people that are just not fighting to get the last products. For this autistic girl shopping at Colruyt (the shop with the lowest prices in Belgium) is a nightmare.

Doing your grocery shopping there the days before Christmas is HELL ! Like people forget to have some respect for others, they seem to think ‘ I need that, go out of my way I was here first ‘. So horrible.

So yesterday I did my shopping before going to work at Lidl. I guess I have everything bought to get me through the Christmas weekend!

Buying Fruits

Buying fruits … well for this autism girl it’s so hard. Because I littery count everything, and I ONLY buy fruits in pieces of 2,4,7 or 11.

When I need like 1 mango (to make some coockies) I always need to buy 2.

For the lychee I had to buy 11 (yes already ate one), because more it’s not right in my head. The were kind of cheap for lychee, so I could bought more but my head said ” STOP, only 11″.

Yesterday I wanted some oranges, 3 would be okay (because I don’t eat that everyday) but NO again I needed to buy 4 pieces.

I even count my bananas when I buy them. I just can’t go home with 5 bananas.

Here in Belgium most apples are packed in a set of 6. So that’s always a huge problem. Buying 6 apples is so wrong to me.

When I need like 1 advocados and there’s only one left in the store ? I just can’t buy that one piece, I need the option to buy 2. Buying that one piece that was left, is not done for me. It gives me so much stress !

Buying other things by number?

Yess, most of my grocery shopping I buy with numbers in my head. I needed a pack of corn pasta (good for a week) but NO again I had to buy 2 packs, same with pasta sauce.

That’s the same when I need some cat food for my sweeties. I have 2 cats so I always have to buy 2 pieces of food or 4 pieces.

So one week I have a long list of items to buy (because I need to buy more than I need), and the other week it’s a short list with mostly fresh things on it like vegetables.

Question for other people on the spectrum?

Do you also have to count things before buying them in a supermarket? Do you have tips to survive this bizzy days at the supermarket to buy fresh vegetables of fruit?

Everytime I see people that are looking strange when I count every piece I buy.  Beeing on the autism spectrum I have so much problems with grocery shopping. When I’m going to a supermarket on my own (like before work) I need my in-ear headphones to me calm and not freak out about everything around me.

This blogmas is coming to an end, and I still like the idea of daily  blogging 🙂

Love Lucy xx



Blogmas 8 … Heidi Klum collection & grocery shopping at Lidl

Wow, it’s already December 8th 😮 I just can’t believe that tomorrow is our party at work!

Grocery shopping

Today I had another day of, so the time to do some grocery shopping at Lidl. Since we have a brand new store here in Boortmeerbeek, I really love to go there for grocery shopping. For me it’s now the perfect ‘auti-friendly’ store !

There was nothing special on my grocery list, besides some bread with nuts, spinach, bananas, peanutbutter. Most of the other things I normally eat for lunch and diner I already had bought earlier this week. I just needed some more fresh things for the weekend.

Heidi Klum collection @Lidl

Since this week you can shop the new collection of Heidi Klum at Lidl, in store and online. I saw some nice things online but I wanted to see what there was in store.

As I new there was another party collection coming, I saved some money to buy me something of this collection.

Online I saw I very nice mini skirt and a nice blue dress. Both were for sale in the store, and some of the clothes were out of their packaging. So good to check for the sizes.

Wel I was in shock how small the sizes were! I’ve took a mini skirt in the color pink I wanted and it looked great. Till the moment I saw the size, I had a size 42 in my hands and I looked like the normal size I would take in my normal shop in a size S.

So I didn’t take that skirt because the sizes didn’t felt good.

In the box next to the skirt I found the blue dress. But it was another no. The color was perfect but agian it looked so small. There was a size 44 (L) open and it looked again like my normal size 36-38 😮

I couldn’t take those clothes realizing I had to take them back to the store when they are not good from size.

Other things I liked from this collection but weren’t in my budget (I made the choice to buy the skirt and dress at home) were the scarf and a black sweater.

There was only one scarf left, and just the one with the dots I liked so I bought that one.


This one I can wear with my uniform I have to wear on Saturdays at work. This one was 9,99 EUR.

Heidi Klum collection Scarf

In the same box as the scarf I found the black sweatshirt with the zippers. This I bought in my normal size 36-38 and it look good from sizing, not toooo smal as the party collection.


This sweater/hoodie was only 14,99 EUR and I’m going to wear this a lot. You never can do a thing wrong with a good black hoodie ❤

Black Hoodie Heidi Klum

My afternoon

As I had a day of today, and it was cold and snowy outside, I spent the afternoon just at home watching others vlogmas on Youtube.

Together with a hot chocolate milk (powder from Lidl, Blogmas 1) and a cookie



This evening I took the time to DIY color my hair again. As always I used the color from the brand Syoss. My hair stays healthier and looks so much better than when I go to a hairdresser.

IMG_5582This time I bought number 7-10 a lighter version of the color I always take. It’s now dry again and it looks so good again.

My hair is ready for the party tomorrow!


Later this evening I’m going to bed early. Idd, early to bed on a Friday evening while everybody is going out. I’m going out tomorrow evening after a long day at work.

Tomorrow I have to work from 9.15 am till 18.30 pm and after that we leave for our party with all the colleagues from Flanders. My first party with all the people I love.
I hope I will be awake till 3am on Sunday. It’s going to be hard because as an autistic girl I never go out at night.

Tomorrow Tomorrow Tomorrow I love you Tomorrow ! Yess, tomorrow  I can wear my pink tutu with my new dr. Martens and I can share you all the style for this party.
I will be changing clothes at work, but hey in a shoe store you have enough mirrors !

After work untill we leave for the party I will drink a loooooot of coffee !

Blogmas 9

So tomorrow I will not have the time to post another blogmas as I will be not at home in the evening. I will put some updates on my outfit on Twitter or Instagram in the evening so you can see something before I go to the party.

See you later ! Love Lucy xx

Blogmas 1 … Perfect weather for a hot chocolate milk

The last countdown to Christmas is here, it’s December 1st! I can’t believe how fast the past weeks went by.
First time I try this but I really love the idea of writing a blog everyday of the month.


Well, let’s start with the first BLOGMAS of this year !


December 1, 2017

Yesterday we had the first snow here in Belgium. I was really surprised by the amount of snow that fell in the afternoon while I was at work. I really love the snow, watching it fall down makes me happy.

When I see snow, I instant think … HOT CHOCOLATE !

Oh yeah, this autism girl really has a big love for chocolate milk. Every morning I drink  a glass of Oatly chocolate milk. I just can’t start my day without chocolate milk.

For my hot chocolate I’m a big fan of the Nesquik powder to put in my hot milk (most of the time hot Oatly milk).


Last year I bought this little box for my hot chocolate in March, I guess. In this box I had some leftover because the weather started to be very good here, way too good for drinking a hot chocolate milk.

This year I bought the ‘dark chocolate’ version of Nesquik to give it a try. This one…


But honestly I didn’t like this powder. The taste is a bit strange and it doesn’t taste like my normal chocolate milk. Yess, here we go. This is a very negative thing about having autism. If it doens’t taste like i’m used to, than it’s a NOOOO.

Normal people with autism doesn’t like to try new things, but I do. I can change the brand of a product I used to or in this case try the other product of the chocolate powder. Honesty, most time I don’t like the change and I’m back to the brand/product I’m using for ages now.

Yesterday I was in the Lidl store here in my area. That dark chocolate powder of Nesquik was not good for me. So I needed another powder because I really wanted a hot chocolate milk.

In that Lidl store I found this chocolate powder, so I bought it. (the monkey took my attention, I have to admit)


Tonight I’ve giving this powder a try by making me a hot chocolate milk with some hot Oatly oat milk.


OMGosh this was soooooo good. It was like drinking a nice glass of Oatly chocolate milk but than a hot milk.


It’s such a good powder for chocolate milk. Oh yummie yummie.

One thing is clear now … from now I will always buy this powder insteat of the all know Nesquik. I’m getting a Lidl fan here, since we have a brand new store.

So wasting by trying stuff I’m not like?

Well, no I’m not wasting the product if I don’t like. I give it to family who likes it of want it. Like this powder of Nesquik, I will make hot chocolate milk for when my family comes over (maybe it’s better with normal milk for me).

If I buy another brand of cookies, muesli, etc and I don’t like it … well some animals here at home are happy with it.

At this moment, I think I’m giving some other products from Lidl (#lidl Belgium) a try. I will be good for when I’m moving in February. Now I have to go to a few stores to find the products I need. It will be so good to just have to go to one store and a store for catfood.

Going to a supermarket is so stressfull for me. I always have to take an extra piece of medication before I go and I have to take something for my headache when I get home.

Less stress, hopefully less pain and a better life with autism.

And you?

What’s your favorite brand to make a hot chocolate milk?


Do you guys have a Lidl supermarket near you? What are some other products that are worth trying?

Blogmas … till tomorrow!

I hope you all like my first blogpost of Blogmas this year. Please like if you liked it and please RT my blog on Twitter and Bloglovin.
Thank you !

Tomorrow I have to work the whole day because we have a sale in the store, specially for ‘Sinterklaas‘. The 6th of December is a Childerns day when they get a lot of present and chocolate. More about that later, first I have to survive my workday with a lot of pain. Hope it will be a good day.

Thanks for reading !

Love Lucy xx

Trying out… cheap make-up by Lidl

English below

Beauty geek or make-up junkie

Eigenlijk best wel twee woorden die mij eigenlijk goed beschrijven. Ik heb een grote passie voor make-up, en niet alleen de merken die je bijvoorbeeld in elke drogisterij vindt, maar ook van high-end merken (of merken die je enkel online vanuit België kan kopen).

Als autistisch meisje heb ik ook mijn merken waar ik niet van afwijk. Het is voor mij moeilijk om steeds iets anders op het gebied van make-up uit te proberen als er iets nieuws komt. Ik heb wat tijd nodig om overtuigd te raken om het dan ook te gaan gebruiken in plaats van mijn vertrouwde make-up.

Sinds 4 oktober 2017 hebben we hier in de buurt een Lidl die geopend is op een nieuwe locatie. In het vorige filiaal kon ik als #aspie autistisch persoon nooit winkelen. Die winkel was te klein en er was gewoon te veel aanbod voor die kleine winkel.

Nu dit filiaal geopend is, ben ik echt fan van de winkel & ga ik er ook meer dan 3 keer per week mijn boodschappen doen. Brede gangen, uitgebreid aanbod, meer overzicht enzovoort maakt dat ik er niet zo erg overprikkeld raak. (yeah)

Tijdens mijn eerste bezoek kocht ik al een BB creme van Cien, het merk van Lidl. Die vond ik heel erg goedkoop, en wou gewoon eigenlijk eens zien of het net zo goed werkte als mijn vertrouwde BB creme van Clinique. Ik was meteen enthousiast, wauw die creme werkte super goed.

Weken heb ik dan staan twijfelen of ik ook die andere make-up producten eens een kans ging geven of niet. Die prijs was heel aanlokkelijk, hun BB creme was erg goed, maar toch mijn vertrouwde lipstick omruilen tegen deze van Cien? Euhm, best hard over nagedacht, getwijfeld, maar raakte niet overtuigd om die te kopen.

Tot … gisteren. Gisterochtend nog even boodschappen gedaan voor ik moest werken, en dan ben ik toch bezweken om deze eens te kopen en uit te testen.

Zo had ik de volgende producten gekocht om te onderwerpen aan mijn test …

  • Cien Foundation 010 shell
  • Cien Lipstick 14 Red Carpet
  • Cien Lipstick 11 Fushia Pink
  • Cien Lipstick 10 Cosy Rose

Bij het openen van de plastic merkte ik al op dat die lipstick Cien 14 Red Carpet, stuk is. Het dopje sluit niet goed, dus kan ik die nergens mee naar toe nemen. Best wel jammer 😦

Foundation … prima dekking, ruikt anders maar niet onaangenaam, voelt zacht, en geeft een mooie kleur.
Echt onder de indruk dat je voor die kleine prijs zo’n goede dekking hebt. Of dit nu mijn alledaagse foundation wordt als ik moet gaan werken ? Euhm, nee ik denk het niet. Niet voor het werk, maar zeker voor andere gelegenheden !

Lipsticks … de lipsticks zijn echt prachtig van kleur, zijn super zacht, dekken goed, en zeker hun geld waard. Ik denk niet dat je een betere lipstick op de markt vind voor die prijs.

Na het uittesten, ben ik wel onder de indruk van deze producten van Lidl. Echt geweldig!

Waarom ik deze dan niet dagelijks ga gebruiken? Dat heeft niets te maken dat ze van mindere kwaliteit zijn of totaal niet voldoen aan mijn verwachtingen. Het heeft alles te maken met mijn lichte vorm van autisme. Ik kan niet zomaar op één twee drie veranderen naar iets anders als ik al zo vertrouwd ben met iets.

Dat beetje ‘zekerheid’ heb ik dan nog wel nodig om mijn dag in de juiste volgorde te kunnen starten.

Eén ding staat vast … deze producten ga ik zeker nog kopen of toch nog een ander tintje van lipstick erbij nemen tijdens mijn volgend bezoek aan Lidl.


Liefs, Lucy xx


Beauty geek or make-up junkie

Those two descriptions are just made for me. I have a big passion for make-up, and not only the brands you can find at a drugstore but also for high-end products (most of those products I have to order online because you can’t find them in Belgium). Grr.

As an autistic girl I have my brands that I use all the time and that I never change. It’s so hard to change something I got used to, so it’s also hard to try out new make-up stuff when there’s something new on the market. I always need some time to be convinced to try it out and use it insteat of my regular make-up. Most of the time the high-end make-up I want to try but was not sure was, is sold-out when I’m convinced to give it a try. (story of my life 😥 )

On october 4, 2017 Lidl has opend a brand new store here in my neighbourghood. A new location for the old store. In the old store I could never shop, because it was so smal and filled with way to many stuff. I always ended up with a meltdown after a visit, so I stopped shopping there.

Now that this store is openen, I’m just a huge fan & I’m shopping there like 3 time a week (or more if I have to go to work nearby). It’s a big store, not many noices, no bright lights, more space etc. I really love shopping there.

At the day of my first visit I bought a BB creme from Cien, the brand of Lidl. It was very cheap so I bought to find out if it was as good as mine from Clinique. I was just so in love with this product. It felt great and ik was so perfect on my skin.

Weeks since the beginning of October i was in doubt about buying ohter make-up products from the Cien brand. The price was very good for a drugstore lipstick, their BB creme was very good, so why not? Could I use another brand of lipstick insteat of the ones I’m using for weeks now. Euhm, thought about it very hard, was in doubt, but never I was that convinced to buy it.

Till … yesterday. Yesterday morning it dit some shopping at Lidl before I had to be at work, and yess I bought them to testing them.

These products I bought to test them out …

  • Cien Foundation 010 shell
  • Cien Lipstick 14 Red Carpet
  • Cien Lipstick 11 Fushia Pink
  • Cien Lipstick 10 Cosy Rose

When I opened the plastic I noticed that the cap of the lipstick 14 Red Carpet was broken. The cap doesn’t close very well, so I never can take the lipstick with me. Kind of sad 😥

Foundation … the couverage is soooo good, it smells different but not bad, feels creamy en gives a nice color. I’m totally impressed that you can have such a great couverage for that little price. I’m not sure if this is going to be my everyday foundation to put on when I go to work. But I sure will be using this on other occasions.

Lipsticks … the lipsticks are really gorgous, the color is so beautiful, super soft, good couverage en for that price really good. It’s just unbelievable that you can have this lipstick for that price.

After testing, i’m totally impressed of how good those products from Lidl were. Just incredible.

Why I’m not going to use them everyday? Well, that not because they are not that great or something to do with the product. It’s just my autism that holds me back. I just can change all the products I’m using just by a day. I need time to think, to take little steps to change the morning habbit I have & the products I’m using.

I just need that little thing of being sure my day is going to be good when I do those things or use those products.

One thing is for sure …. I’m going to buy those products again or maybe another extra shade of the lipsticks !



Love Lucy xx